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  • 20BBL Beer Brewing Equipment
Product name:

20BBL Beer Brewing Equipment


Product parameters

Brewhouse system:

-3 or 4 vessels brewhouse: mash/ lauter, kettle/ whirlpool, hot water tank;

Mash/ lauter, kettle, whirlpool, hot water tank, the rake will have hydraulic lifting device.

-Heating method: Electric heating, steam heating and gas heating.

-Heat exchanger: Double or single stage plate heat exchanger.

Frementation system:

-Fermentation tank: SUS304, conical vertical tank ; Test pressure:0.3Mpa, working pressure: 0.15Mpa; Dimple type glycol cooling jacket,thickness is 1.5mm; Top safety valve, Side manhole door, Rotary CIP spray balls, temperature sensor, Sample valve, Mechanical pressure valve, Pressure gauge, Glycol solenoid valves, Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust legs height,Complete with associated valves and fittings.

Optional: bright beer tank, yeast adding tank etc.

Glycol cooling system:

-Glycol wtaer tank, chiller, Associated valves and fittings.

CIP System

-Sanitizer Tank, Caustic Tank. Associated valves and fittings etc.

DCS/ PLC Control Cabinet

- Power control, temperature display centrally, brewhouse control, 

Fermentation tank with digital controller.