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  • 1000L Brewery
  • 1000L Brewery
Product name:

1000L Brewery


Product parameters

Malt Mill:  300-500kg/h, Brand malt mill, all Stainless steel, two alloy rollers mill, complete with motor, belt and pulley, the distance can be adjusted.


The brewhouse system:  Three vessels brewhouse tank (mash / lauter, kettle / whirlpool, hot water tank), effective volume: 1000l, total volume: 1500l.  Material SUS304, top dished head, Surface brushed, interior mirror polish, Polyurethane insulation, thickness: 100mm; Inner body thickness 3mm, cladding thickness 2mm; Rotary CIP spray balls, temperature sensor; Stainless steel manhole with sight mirror, Led cold light, bright, lower power consumption and lasting; Stainless steel legs adjustable.

Heating method: electric heating, steam heating and gas heating.

Associated fittings: Mechanical agitator with frequency converter, Siemens motor, ABB pump, double or single stage plate heat exchanger and other valves.  

Fermentation system:  

Fermenter: Sanitary Stainless steel 304, conical vertical tank , Effective volume:1000L, total volume: 1250L ; Test pressure:0.3Mpa, working pressure: 0.15Mpa;

top dish head,Surface brushed, interior mirror polish; Polyurethane insulation thickness: 100mm;

inner thickness 3mm, cladding thickness 2mm; Dimple type glycol cooling jacket,thickness is 1.5mm; Top safety valve, Side manhole door, Top hops adding port, Rotary CIP spray balls, cleaning elbow, temperature sensor, Sample valve, separate outlet for yeast and clear beer, lower side cone beer outlet(rotary), bottom drain port; Mechanical pressure valve, Pressure gauge, Glycol solenoid valves, Stainless steel legs with screw assembly to adjust legs height,Complete with associated valves and fittings.

Optional: bright beer tank, yeast adding tank etc.

Glycol cooling system:

Glycol water tank: Sanitary Stainless steel 304, Effective capacity 2000L;Surface brushed, interior mirror polish; Polyurethane insulation thickness: 100mm;The thickness of inner body is 3mm, cladding is 2mm; Top round shape man-hole door, temperature sensor; Stainless steel legs adjustable.

Complete with associated Kansa chiller, ABB pump and valves and fittings etc.

CIP system 100l, Sterilization tank, Alkali Liquor Tank, CIP pump, Trolley and Control Box.

PLC automatic control system or DCS semiautomatic control system.


Equipment List

Main part

Specific information


Malt Mill



Mash/Lauter tun

kettle/Whirlpool tank

Hot water tank

Wort Pump

Hot water pump

Heat Exchanger

Wort Oxygenate Assembly


Titanium Stick

Survey Barrel






  Fermentation Tank



CIP Cleaning

Sterilization Tank

Alkali Liquor Tank

CIP Pump




Glycol Tank


Ice Water pump




Control Cabinet

Digital Controller



Brewery equipment of standard configuration 

daily output







unit type







floor space














Application of Pub/Hotel/Restaurant Beer Brewery

Widely use for home hobby, pub, bar, restaurant, hotel, teaching test equipment, micro, medium factory, etc.

Quality control

1. After receiving the order, we will hand over the technical personnel to design the equipment drawings. After the drawings are completed, they will be submitted to the cheif engineer for review. If there is no problem, they will be submitted to the customer for review;

2. before the production,, technical staff, seller and procurement, production department, etc. will discuss the technical details of the equipment; If no problem, hand in the drawings, the technical list to the production and procurement department;

3. In the production process, the quality inspection personnel will regularly check the production details of the equipment and re-qualify the production;

4. When the equipment is completed, it will be inspected by the quality inspectors.

How to test, how to test, quality control, quality control of finished products?

1. Pipe connection, water test for 24 hours

2. The inner cone is polished to 0.4μm, and the inner cylinder and the outer cone are protected by the surface; the inner and outer of the dish-shaped head, the outer cover and the outer cylinder are sandblasted;

3. After the production is completed, the cylinder is filled with water for leak test, and the jacket is subjected to water and pressure test, and the test pressure is 0.4 MPa;

Company information

Shandong Yuesheng Beer Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technology and development services manufacturer.

We supply turnkey brewery from 50L to 200HL brewery, single fermenter, unitank, bright beer tank, hot liquor tank, etc; And we also supply related products like keg filling and washing machine, kegs, bottle filling and capping machine, etc.

The company's production, technology, management of experienced professionals are constituted to excellent performance, exquisite workmanship, appearance concise atmosphere, the design is compact, easy to learn for the purpose of manufacturing production equipment.

The company employed more than ten years of occupation by the beermaking team to provide customers

Trade term

T/T, L/C,

Leading period: 30 working days after deposit,

Our service

1. Three year quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables)

shall be changed free of charge when problems happened during the warranty period.

2. Lifetime maintenance free of charge.

3. Free training course at our plant.

4. Field maintenance and repair service, engineer available to service machinery overseas;

5. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

6.24 hours on line service each day, free technical support. We will solve your problems

Immediately by E-mail, fax, MSN, Skype ,telephone.

7. The English operation manual in electronic edition is included.

8. Machine has been adjusted before delivery.

Advantages of Pub/Hotel/Restaurant Beer Brewery

1. Workshop: Advanced production equipment and the workers with high production technology and rich production experience

2. Efficiency and professional sales teams;

3. Engineer not only has rich beer brewing and design experience;

4. High and Strict quality control system with accurate testing tools: All the tank will do water and pressure test when finishing. Pressure test is 2-4bar; Machine has been adjusted before delivery.

5. Engineer oversea installation support, We supply turnkey brewery including installation; Our engineer will go to install the brewery when finishing

6. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts , electric parts and operation parts.

7. customers designed support;

8. Service:Free training course at our plant. Free parts support within warrantee period.

We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price out of guarantee period

24 hours on line service each day, free technical support. We will solve your problems

9. The English operation manual in electronic edition is included.

Installation case

300L Mini Brewery


300L Mini Brewery


1. What is kind of your packaging?

Export standard, wooden case, iron crate, or any suitable for long distance sea transportation.

2. How long is your delievery lead time?

After 30-45 working days when we receiving your payment.

3. Could you calculate the shipping for me?

Yes, please kindly let us know which port is nearest your place.

4. What is your term of payment?

50% T/T in advance, balance before shipment or other suitable for payment methods.

5. How to make an order?

1. Send one inquiry or email

2. check email and choose models in our catalogue

3. negotiate detail order

4. confirm proforma invoice and arrange deposit

5. You will get the equipment after 30-45 days.

6. This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?

There are English manual or guide video for showing how to use the machine;

If you still have any questions, we can talk by phone or Skype, etc;

7.If machine has any problem after I used it, how could I do?

Free training course at our plant.

Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem;

Engineer available to service machinery overseas


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